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[sticky post] Lybrint Master Post!


This is my main post for now ^_^ Well, as you all my friends knows, that I'm a one in million of fandom of Nishikido Ryo. So, anything and everything will be relate to him ^^' will post in here,at lybrint journal. How about others? That depends on my interest to post it ^_^ To be honest, I'm not a fanatic netcitizen ^^ if anything lack from me or outdated of thing, please accept my apologize ne ^_^v

Lybrint is a person who love to give a present (if have time) among her friends (who she knew) . She also love doing arts. As you can see on her LJ wall ^_^ a lot of wallpapers & fanart she made for her friends. All that thing make her happy and smile. She also interest in fanfic (where fandom or author write a story about their idol in creative & beautiful way). There is a lot of fanfic written by her friends wonderfully & she love angst story. Don't sure why, but it really enchanted her heart and feeling. (again) Those only related with Nishikido Ryo *hide*

So, here is something from me to share with all my friends in LJ ^_^ I hope you guyz love it. If there anything I do wrong, I apologize *bow*

This is a SEMI-friends journal. All the fanarts & wallpaper are for friends only (except for tags: !master post & me) . The fanfic is for all to read (except for multichapter) ^_^v

6-nin Kanjani8 announced....


[reposted post] Sum up your year in LJ with your personal infographics

New Year's eve is the best time to sum up the year and make new plans.

Seems that Mr. Kapusta isn't fancy about Frank's plans
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Nishikido Ryo New Dorama

Minnasan! Genki-desu?! Yeah~~ I hope you guyz in good mood ne *wink* Here I want to tell you that Ryo-chan will air in July 2017 for his new dorama *excited* So guyz, watch it ne ^_^v

                                                      Nishikido Ryo                                         Matsuoka Mayu
                                                     as Kobayashi Tsukasa                            as Kobayashi Suyaka
                                                                             "My Husband Can Not Work"
                                                                                         Here for the details ^_^

LJ 18th anniversary

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

- I'm old already *grin* that is how long I'm with Eito ^_^ Time passed by really fast...thank you 4 being here & all my friends *hugs* love you as you are can be...

Happy Birthday to Nishikido Ryo ^_^

Happy Birthday, Nishikido Ryo~
Well, you are another year older *wink* and you haven't changed a bit. That's great because you are perfect just the way you are. May you doing a great life with happiness along side you forever.
Fan of yours,

Here, I have oneshort fanfic, to make today more joyful and special...


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Have a nice day everyone!!! Make your day full of happiness ^_^v
Title:La Rose Rouge - Chapter 1
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/Kanjani8, Yamapi, Kame, Jin, Takki, Jun, Sakamoto & so many side characters
Rating: AU, Friendship, Angst, Mystery, pg-13
Summary: It starts with a peace holiday....the journey begin. Here the story... (hahaha XP I'm bad with summary. Gomenna)
Notes: Try to enjoy when reading this fic ^^ Nothing will happen if you don't understand this fic ^_^' You can ignore it too ^^' coz no beta for this fic, as always ^_^' Sorry *bow*

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter 4/Chapter 5/Chapter 6/Chapter 7/Chapter 8/Chapter 9/Chapter 10/End Chapter.

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Kanjani8 Concert: News

Hello guyz ^_^

It's  being long right ^_^ Yeah as you guyz alredy know that I'm not so really in netizen thing *grin* Well, I'm sorry about that *bow*

Actually today I stumble on Ryo dorama;Joker...while I'm at it...there is something catch into my eyes and......I'm not sure what really happen actually (I'm so far to understand Japanese language) baka me ^^'  Can someone explain it to me?! Please~

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Love Eito~
Love you guyz too~

Happy New Year 2016!!!

To All my FRIENDS...
...that is always love me as who I am & patient with me for whole relationship we have together ^_^ I'm truly happy to be with you guyz in here even I'm being late for almost of the thing in here especially on your special day *grin* sorry 4 that ne *bow* May we'll be...
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Kanjani8 in new variety show ^_^

Kanjani8 to collaborate and jam with other artists in new music variety show “KanJAM”


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