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This is my main post for now ^_^ Well, as you all my friends knows, that I'm a one in million of fandom of Nishikido Ryo. So, anything and everything will be relate to him ^^' will post in here,at lybrint journal. How about others? That depends on my interest to post it ^_^ To be honest, I'm not a fanatic netcitizen ^^ if anything lack from me or outdated of thing, please accept my apologize ne ^_^v

Lybrint is a person who love to give a present (if have time) among her friends (who she knew) . She also love doing arts. As you can see on her LJ wall ^_^ a lot of wallpapers & fanart she made for her friends. All that thing make her happy and smile. She also interest in fanfic (where fandom or author write a story about their idol in creative & beautiful way). There is a lot of fanfic written by her friends wonderfully & she love angst story. Don't sure why, but it really enchanted her heart and feeling. (again) Those only related with Nishikido Ryo *hide*

So, here is something from me to share with all my friends in LJ ^_^ I hope you guyz love it. If there anything I do wrong, I apologize *bow*

This is a SEMI-friends journal. All the fanarts & wallpaper are for friends only (except for tags: !master post & me) . The fanfic is for all to read (except for multichapter) ^_^v

Nishikido Ryo New Dorama

Minnasan! Genki-desu?! Yeah~~ I hope you guyz in good mood ne *wink* Here I want to tell you that Ryo-chan will air in July 2017 for his new dorama *excited* So guyz, watch it ne ^_^v

                                                      Nishikido Ryo                                         Matsuoka Mayu
                                                     as Kobayashi Tsukasa                            as Kobayashi Suyaka
                                                                             "My Husband Can Not Work"
                                                                                         Here for the details ^_^

Happy Birthday to Nishikido Ryo ^_^

Happy Birthday, Nishikido Ryo~
Well, you are another year older *wink* and you haven't changed a bit. That's great because you are perfect just the way you are. May you doing a great life with happiness along side you forever.
Fan of yours,

Here, I have oneshort fanfic, to make today more joyful and special...


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Have a nice day everyone!!! Make your day full of happiness ^_^v

[multichapter] La Rose Rouge: Chapter 1 - Special Present

Title:La Rose Rouge - Chapter 1
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/Kanjani8, Yamapi, Kame, Jin, Takki, Jun, Sakamoto & so many side characters
Rating: AU, Friendship, Angst, Mystery, pg-13
Summary: It starts with a peace holiday....the journey begin. Here the story... (hahaha XP I'm bad with summary. Gomenna)
Notes: Try to enjoy when reading this fic ^^ Nothing will happen if you don't understand this fic ^_^' You can ignore it too ^^' coz no beta for this fic, as always ^_^' Sorry *bow*

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter 4/Chapter 5/Chapter 6/Chapter 7/Chapter 8/Chapter 9/Chapter 10/End Chapter.

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Kanjani8 Concert: News

Hello guyz ^_^

It's  being long right ^_^ Yeah as you guyz alredy know that I'm not so really in netizen thing *grin* Well, I'm sorry about that *bow*

Actually today I stumble on Ryo dorama;Joker...while I'm at it...there is something catch into my eyes and......I'm not sure what really happen actually (I'm so far to understand Japanese language) baka me ^^'  Can someone explain it to me?! Please~

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Love Eito~
Love you guyz too~

Happy New Year 2016!!!

To All my FRIENDS...
...that is always love me as who I am & patient with me for whole relationship we have together ^_^ I'm truly happy to be with you guyz in here even I'm being late for almost of the thing in here especially on your special day *grin* sorry 4 that ne *bow* May we'll be...
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